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Solutions for your wealth

Structure your wealth


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Natixis, Banque Privée 1818 is fully-dedicated to managing and structuring private investors’ wealth. We seek to develop clients’ assets harmoniously from a long-term perspective.

Our experts are central to our approach and ensure Banque Privée 1818’s solutions are both appropriate and of high quality. They work together to handle all the aspects entailed in managing your wealth, both for residents in France and abroad.

Legal and fiscal engineering

Legal and fiscal engineering are often crucial aspects of wealth management. Our experts combine legal discipline with in-depth knowledge of financial mechanisms to provide specific and informed advice as well as assistance in building investment strategies.

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Corporate Advisory

Our corporate advisory specialists advise owner-managers in accordance with their wealth management objectives and their strategic concerns for their company.
Harnessing their extensive knowledge of business matters, they intervene at key moments in the company’s life (divestments, transfers for inheritance purposes, capital increases, shareholder restructurings, LBOs, etc.).

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We can assist clients at all stages of the philanthropic process, including the set-up of donor-advised funds. Depending on the commitment profile sought, we can arrange for clients to share the experience of other investors who have undertaken similar initiatives.

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Family Offices

Our family office offering is designed to satisfy the needs of large private clients. Solutions notably include account-keeping and legal administration services for the client’s wealth management structures (holding companies, real-estate trusts, etc.), as well as consolidated reporting for portfolios held by all the client’s partners.

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An international approach

As a fully-integrated component of the private banking business line, Natixis Private Banking’s teams, based in Luxembourg, have been assisting expatriates and non-residents in managing their international wealth for over 20 years now.  
Reflecting the Grand-Duchy’s multilingual and multicultural profile, Natixis Private Banking’s experts apply a global approach focusing on high value-added services.


The offering embraces portfolio and financial engineering solutions (estate planning, proprietor taxation, etc.), but also investment instruments covering all asset classes (foreign currency solutions, mix-and-match investment funds, life insurance policies, etc.).


Natixis Private Banking’s teams work closely with their counterparts at Banque Privée 1818.

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